bad girls

bad girls commit ‘death by chocolate’ & murder mystery

venus book & candlestick

Fully hosted murder mystery game over Saturday evening dinner, (chocolate featured in every course – of course!) with chocolate recipes provided for the day time and your host Venus Noir to see you through the game in the evening.  Full character and plot cards sent out in advance, and all girls expected to be in glamorous costume for attending the dinner table!  No exceptions!  (Photographs by Jan of Blenheim Photography)

Have a chocolate making class in the afternoon, and a chocolate themed dinner with the additional option of having Venus Noir or Countess Arseuppy.

hens chocoholics sideboard
hens chocoholics sideboard
hens chocoholics sideboard

coomo buttonOr have a chocolate making class by COCOMO – – they will come to the house for the afternoon and help you taste, enjoy, create and enjoy up to fifteen grades of chocolate, through the richness of dark and smoothness of milk and the creaminess of white.

Hen party

Room styling and table dressing and crockery above by Lesley of The Vintage Hire.

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