To save you time and ensure that you can start to enjoy the party as soon as you arrive, we can either order just your drinks and have them opened and at room temperature or chilled accordingly and cocktail menus and ingredients set up on the cocktail bar with bags of ice, fresh mint, limes, brown sugar cubes and gomme.

Or, as we know that many of you have full time professional jobs, and will be driving to The General Stores after work on the Friday, we can even order your food for the weekend and have it already laid out for your first evening’s tapas/buffet and in fridges and freezers for the rest of the weekend.

A suggested cocktail menu for your weekend could be –

  • Bellini
  • Bordello Rose Petal Martini
  • Bloody Mary
  • Amaretto Woo Woo
  • Mojito
  • Cucumber Gin and Tonic
  • Cuba Libra
  • Margarita

A suggested shopping list, which we can get from our wholesale suppliers, could go something like this for a group of 24 guests –

  • 12 x Prosecco, 12 x Ponti Rosato rose wine
  • 12 x Pinot Grigio white wine, 12 x Los Brujas white wine
  • 12 x Ponti Nero red wine, 12 x Los Brujas Tempranillo red wine
  • 2 x vodka, 2 x hendricks gin, 2 x golden rum
  • 1 x tequila, 1 x triple sec, 1 x amaretto, 1 x rose liqueur, 1 x orange liqueur, 1 x chambord
  • 6 x sparkling water, 4 x soda, 4 x tonic, 4 x cola
  • 4 x orange juice, 4 x cranberry juice, 4 x tomato juice
  • 24 x peach puree bottles – can have a shot of spirit added or drunk fresh in the morning
  • gomme, cucumber, fresh mint, brown sugar cubes, limes, horseradish, worcester sauce, tabasco

When you have confirmed numbers and selected which or all of the above you might like, and decided whether you would like menu cards for you to make your own cocktails or have us mix them for you, we can give you a quote.

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