bordello basics

DIY hire of equipment with sauces and toppings provided, or serve yourself buffets

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pasta making

bordello banquets hen party pasta & booth (8)
pizza making

Hire out our pasta making equipment and have a spaghetti or tagliatelle making session on site – dough can be pre-rolled and chilled or raw ingredients supplied.

bordello banquets hen party pasta & booth (9)


pizza making 2

pasta making 5

Bordello Pasta making
pizza making 3

 pizza making

morag wedding shoot (320)
Hire out our pizza oven and enjoy a pizza making session on site, using our outdoor pizza oven and 6 pizza peels to prepare your own evening meal – firewood provided. Dough, sauces and salads provided – ask for detailsmorag wedding shoot (323)

morag wedding shoot (341)

 wine tasting

bordello banquets vq wine tasting (4)
bordello banquets vq wine tasting (9)
bordello banquets vq wine tasting (5)

chocoholics sideboard

with chocolate fountain, 3 chocolate fondues, local hand made chocolates and cinder toffee & chocolates and a generous helping of Green and Blacks to melt for strawberry, cape gooseberry, marshmallow and pretzel dipping.

mad hatters tea party

mad hatter's spotty w cakes (1)

with french macaroons, mini meringues, mini pastries, organic gluten free abel and cole tarts, mini bakewells, mini lemon meringue pies, sugar mice, jelly lips and coconut mushrooms for afternoon tea

hire of china and set dressing, plus beautiful individually hand made cup cakes by Sarah Jones of The Chocolate Strawberry

mad hatter's spotty w cakes (2)

alfresco buffet

Buffet in Oak Room (3)

the alfresco buffet is laid out on arrival

Buffet in Oak Room (14)

Very British BBQ


this British bbq


Baked Potatoes and Chilli


slow cookers filled with tagines, chillis and ratouille plus baked potatoes ready on arrival



with fizz whizz, sherbert dib dabs, love hearts & gob stoppers, black jacks & rhubarb and custards, cones of emerald puffed rice 

cream teas and coffees

served on vintage gold lustre royal worcester china

local clotted cream and butter, organic scones, jam tarts and fruit jam from abel and cole & fresh fruit 

(photographs by Alison of

the chocolate strawberry

bespoke cup cakes or special occasion cakes made to your personal commission from local cake maker.

Cupcakes from £2.00 each, and large family cakes from £75.00 with personalised names, concept, pictures and design

(all cakes and pictures below copyright to Sarah of



We could include it as a ‘healthy you’ talk/demo and juice detox for the Sunday morning of a hen party – prior to hitting the road with renewed energy and vitality – despite having partied for two days?

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