being green

hospitality products

At Mill End Mitcheldean we take our impact on the environment very seriously, and hope you do too!  When you are with us we have provided as much as possible to help you reduce your carbon foot print. Guest hospitality is from Prija, which uses re-cycled cardboard packaging and animal free glue – and is a really lovely product too!  Including hypo-allergenic creams and cleansers featuring fine ingredients and exotic fragrances, Prija is a warm and earthy product line. It appeals to customers who are sensitive to the quality of cosmetics, and to the design of complimentary items.



cleaning products

The kitchen washing up liquids and cleaning items are from the bioD range – biodegradable environmentally friendly products which is made to have minimum impact on the environment. The range is safe, effective and kind to hands, containing eco friendly ingredients including vegetable oil, citric acid and vegetable glycerine, it helps to condition sensitive skin. It is not tested on animals and is free from sodium lauryl sulphate. We try to use this range of products wherever possible, and encourage guests to use what we provide during their stays.



2014-03-10 07.30.57re-cycling

We have very organized boxes and  hessian coffee bags for re-cycling both in the Upper Malt House and outside in the courtyard garden. We ask that you use these as much as possible, as we pay for Printwaste to take recycling away – including hard plastics, tetra packs, tins, bottles, paper and card. Please dispose of all packaging carefully as we’re not keen on having to sort it ourselves! any rubbish which can’t be recycled, please put in black bin bags (provided, degradable) and put in the large square wheelie bins in the car park.  There are also local council green re-cycling boxes for if you fill the indoor boxes during your stay.



composting & chickens

For those interested in going the whole hog – we have a compost heap through the gate behind the hot tub – raw fruit and vegetables ONLY please. and a bird table which feeds a small squirrel, our resident robin and various other birds.

Oh – and finally – if there are food items in the fridge when you leave, which you aren’t taking with you, please don’t bin them!  We hate to see food thrown away when there are so many people in the world without – we will compost it, put it on the bird table or give it to two of our cleaners, both of whom keep chickens and ducks!  And if you have half bottles of wine and alcohol left, we will make dressings, chutneys and preserves too.


conservation of heat

And finally, finally – please turn heaters down or off if you are too warm, turn off lights and heaters when you leave your rooms or the house and close curtains when it gets dusk to keep any available warmth in the house.  It is a large house and if you let all the heat out it is hard to bring it up to temperature again in the evenings!

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