who we are

LIZ LEWITT – Proprietor

Liz is the your main point of contact up to your stay.  A successful fashion designer/lecturer (including producing collections for Agent Provocateur, the Victoria and Albert Costume Collection in London and contributing annually to Bath Costume Museum for a decade), she is currently focused on textiles and upholstery.  It is Liz’s vision that you see in the internal decoration of the property, combining items from her personal family collection, with other carefully sourced pieces and artist commissions, quirky textiles and custom upholstery.

Favourite Mill End Room: “Until we converted the barn, the Four Poster was my favourite, as it is such a stunning room with its vaulted ceiling with its exposed beams and stonework, four poster bed and free-standing bath in front of the window.  Though now that we have finished the Malt House Barn,  I would say that the living space in the Upper Malt House is my favourite area of the house, as it combines the exposure of the historic elements of the house with some beautiful wall papers and textiles in complimentary colours”

team-zoff-1ZOFF – Property Development and Maintenance

Zoff has been responsible for doing all the work on the house, slowly converting areas of the house in between guest bookings, and installing all the kitchens and bathrooms in the house.  He also project managed the conversion of the Malt House Barn.  He is self-employed and works freelance on  small scale projects, converting narrow boats, doing kitchen and bathroom fits and carrying out on-going work on the Mitcheldean Almshouses, also Grade 11 Listed.

Favourite Mill End Room: “My favourite areas in the house are the Jovial Colliers apartment play room with the Nick Walker graffiti art panels for its wow factor and also the top of the barn.  I still see lots of small details which could have been done differently or that I want to work on a bit more, but each area, with graffiti art walls and exposed beams, is a great mixture of contemporary and traditional”.  (See images of kitchens and bathrooms he has fitted and boats he has converted and fitted out on Montpelier Maintenance).

team-jacobJAKE – Assistant Property Developer

A qualified carpenter, Jake has worked on the development of Mill End as Zoff’s assistant, adding to his existing carpentry and building skills by learning the specialist skills and processes involved in the restoration and preservation of a listed building.  He is responsible for making a lot of the shelving in both the Upper and Lower Malt House Barn kitchens – using surplus oak floor boards, much to his dislike!  It was Jake who initially uncovered the huge stone slabs in the Lower Malt House which became the lintels above the french doors to the gardens and stone door thresholds, giving the work  an organic , authentic feel.  He was involved in the entire conversion of the Malt House.

Favourite Mill End Room: “The graffiti wall in the Upper Malt House dining room is my favourite feature, as I watched it being sprayed live at Mitcheldean Carnival when Liz organized a community art event, and also I was part of the process of installing it and it is a wicked image”.


PETER WOLF – Carpentry and Custom Wood Work

Pete is a professional performer and musician (Skate Naked) who performs all over the world with his partner in crime, Paul Ackerman, and when he is back in the UK and we can get hold of him, is responsible for most of the custom oak wood work and panelling in the house.  He custom made the window shutters in the four poster room out of left over floor boards, and did all the oak panelling in the chinese en-suite bathroom and downstairs wet room.  He is also Franco’s godfather.  Watch him perform at www.skatenaked.co.uk!

Favourite Mill End Room: “Probably the Four Poster Room, as I laid the floor, clad the free standing bath in the middle of the room with boards running on and up from the floor, custom made and routed the shutters out of the ends of the floor boards and custom made the oak hand wash basin unit in the en-suite guest wc.  There is probably more of my work in this house than any other that I have ever been involved with, even my own!”.

jake-davisJAKE DAVIS – Graphic Design and Artwork

Jake and Liz have worked together over a span of 25 years (scary) – Jake DJ’d the club nights which Liz ran in Bristol for fifteen years, he worked on the internet shopping site ‘suckitandsee’, provided all the art work for her fashion design business Religion, and for her floating Members Only Media Bar, Il Bordello, moored in central Bristol and has created all the images and cards for the General Stores.  He has a fantastic portfolio of freelance design commissions and personal graphic art, which can be found on You Tube, Facebook and Myspace. He can be contacted on jake@jakedavisdesign.co.uk.  He is also the main founder of the graffiti art UpFest web-site shop and large scale festival & exhibition in Bristol – the last one drawing 16,000 people. www.upfest.co.uk, 198 North St, Bristol.

Favourite Mill End Room: “Not the sitting room where I slept in the very early days of renovating the house.  The inflatable bed on which I was sleeping slowly deflated through the night – so the room doesn’t have good memories for me!  In terms of art work I’m gonna have to say The Upper Malt House or The Pool Room as both have fantastic graffiti art panels, done by Nick Walker and Felix Braun of Bristol.”


FRANCO – Assistant Enthusiastic Person

Franco has been part of the process of converting this house from the very beginning and has been the motivator for us to work towards living out here as much as we can and giving him a rural childhood.  Famously noted for digging deep into a lime floor that had just been laid, with his wellies, his bare feet and a very pointy stick!.  He is still very keen on pointy sticks.

Favourite Mill End Room: “My best room is my bedroom in the Jovial Colliers – it has lots of playmobil and books, and lots of scooby-doo and it is too small to let bad dreams in.  And the hot tub and my pirate platform in the corner of the garden are my best things”.

NANCY CAT – Prossional Yowler

Nancy lives on site at Mitcheldean with us.  Unfortunately for him, he was christened Nancy when we got him and his brother as kittens.  We called them Sid and Nancy having been assured, even by the vet, that they were a boy and girl.  Then his correct gender became apparent.  But the name has stuck and could be something to do with his usually indignant expression.

Favourite Mill End Room: “Any room will do as long as it has a bed on which I can lie like a beached whale, and has lots of sunlight streaming in. ( Though I am only allowed in the Jovial Colliers where the family live, and in the garden)”.


MILLIE DOG – Professional Guard Dog and Biscuit Hoarder

Millie joined the team from Bristol Dog’s Home over a year ago, and likes to think she is a very succesful guard dog.  Quite obviously from her size and facial expression, she is not.

Favourite Mill End Room: “Any one will do as long as it has bowls of food in it and someone to make a fuss of me.  I love the garden as I can run around all day and can’t escape as it is a walled garden.  I like the fact that I can see when deliveries are being made as, whilst I don’t mind postmen, I do hate boxes”.

TALLIE DOG – Professional Party Dog and Shoe Wearer

Tallie joined us earlier in 2012 when her owner died and we fell in love with her whilst buying some vintage props and furniture for the house.  She, Millie and Nancy are good friends who look after the house well and enjoy the garden.

Favourite Mill End Room: ” Any room will do as long as it has sunshine, Millie and Nancy – oh and a foxy pair of shoes”

NB – because we offer pet friendly houses to guests who are able to bring their own pets with them when staying, we cannot guarantee that the houses are clear for those guests who may suffer with allergies.  Our own pets are not allowed into the top of the house or into the Malt House, but we cannot guarantee that guest’s dogs have not had a mooch around when staying.

Dogs are welcome but they must be well behaved, not go on furniture, not sleep on beds and not dig for imaginary bones in the garden.  Thank you.

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