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Is it your partner’s 50th or 60th and you want to celebrate with family and friends?

Is it your 50th or 60th?  Or one of your grand parents’ 70th or 80th?  Or maybe a wedding anniversary?

No-one in your family have a house big enough to accommodate all three generations – sometimes four?  Mill End Mitcheldean is the ideal location.  This is what our last really Big Bank Holiday group of friends and family said –

The weekend went really well. Everyone arrived without a hitch, we got all the cars in to the car park and all the party loved Mill End. We had 20 adults and 24 kids in the end and they all fitted in no problem. The Ocado order arrived as planned, we had a lovely dinner for everyone on the Friday night along with movies for the kids and Prosecco for the adults.

Saturday breakfast involved pancakes and croissants for everyone (all sitting down at the two banqueting tables) and then we headed out for the day to Puzzle Wood which the kids loved and meant the adults got some respite from the wine! We played rounders and cricket (in the rain) on the playing fields in Mitcheldean and then got the kids home for pizza and garlic bread all round before settling them down for movies and games. The babysitters arrived bang on time and were great – I gave them a little tip as they did so well to keep on top of things.

The wine tasting was fun (fruit wines were interesting!) and my wife orchestrated the preparation of the catering you’d left for us. The beef bourguignon was a hit and we drank champagne and caught up on old times, looking through photos of our university days and singing a few songs round the table.

Sunday morning was a lazy one – cooked breakfast all round – and then out to the corn maze up the road at Elton Farm. The weather, which had been variable to say the least, turned the corner on Sunday afternoon and we managed to get both BBQs going and had a super afternoon out in the garden. The kids did a talent show of singing, dancing and some story telling – using the trampoline as their x-factor stage  with all the judges (parents) assembled on the lawn. To close the weekend’s festivities we all sat round the fire pit on the patio and finished off what was left of the food and drinks from our order.

An early start on Monday to get everyone up and out and Mill End straight – lots of recycling that week that’s for sure! All out by just after 10am and a fantastic weekend came to an end.

The cats were a hit with the kids and even brought us a little mouse as their talent! We met the cleaner on our way out to the playing fields on one of the days and your dog said hello – how cute!

So, all in all, a great weekend and lots of happy guests. There was even talk of an annual repeat so must have been good!”


We can seat up to 40 over two long or four small tables for dinner, and have 6 high chairs.  We can provide in house catering and party table dressing – http://www.bordellobanquets.co.uk/dining/

We can commission a locally made celebratory cake with the birthday person’s name, likes and loves incorporated into the design.

Or we can commission a locally made ‘memory keepsake box’ with ‘digital decoupage’ images of your loved ones life…..

bringing children?

We have lots of areas within the house and things to do for small children – dolls house, rocking horse, toys, books, sand pit, play area, hot tub, DVD collection, or we can arrange qualified baby-sitters for you….

We have lots of things for young adults and teenagers to do – popcorn maker, biscuit press, pool table, TV and DVDs…..

And the Forest of Dean is perfect for all the family!

artisan food and drink connections

We have some very well equipped kitchens for foodies.  And we are perfect for ‘come dine with me’ team building……………

We have a great list of local food and drink producers to make your stay more enjoyable……..

And we have parts of the house or even a detached cottage if the more senior members of your party want to join in the celebrations but have somewhere a bit quiet to retire to when it all gets too much!

And if you would like to have more of a grown up party with DJs and a bar, and more guests than the house can legally hold as a self-catering holiday house, then you can hire The Brewery Tap, a stone’s throw from the house, which even has a covered outdoor BBQ area.

children’s entertainment and safety

If the children are happy, then the grown-ups are too we reckon!  There is an easy grab first aid kit in the family bathroom in the Lower Malt House, along with the potty, trainer set and step set.

We have equipped the house along the lines of a Montessori ethic, with all toys being made from wood and having some kind of educational merit, and we deliberately avoid toys with flashing lights and sound effects.  You are here for the weekend to relax not be surrounded by a cacophony of noise.  (Apart from the musical instruments including recorders, tambourines and sleigh bells in the downstairs hall – sorry!).  However please do look after these toys and make sure they aren’t left out in the rain.  Thanks.

toddlers in the kitchen & alfresco eating

The Lower Malt House has two baskets of IKEA picnic sets in the cupboard to the right of the commercial cooker, for small children to clatter around with as they sit on the floor or to use outside for BBQs and al-fresco eating.

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