If you want someone to come in and cook for you click through to our sister company Bordello Banquets – www.bordellobanquets.co.uk

A snapshot of the catering and entertainment from Bordello Banquets at Mill End Mitcheldean.

If you want to cook yourselves – we have the following in house – 

Upper Malt House – commercial style gas range oven; 2 x dishwashers; 2 x under counter fridges; one under counter fridge freezer; 1 x electric fan oven; 1 x large microwave oven; commercial hot water heater; commercial 6 slot toaster; 1 x trout kettle; 3 x large frying pans; 4 x steamers; multiple pans of various sizes; commercial size baking trays for oven; 40 x  of each – wine glasses & goblets, champagne flutes and highballs;multiple serving dishes & spoons of varying size & style; 60 x dinner plates; 60 x side plates 40 x pudding bowls; 40 x mini bowls;

Lower Malt House – commercial style range oven; 1 x tall fridge/freeze; 1 x dishwasher; 1 x microwave, 2 x kettles; 1 x commercial 6 slot toaster; 1 x commercial mixer; hand held blender; baking equipment; ice buckets; ice crusher; cirtrus fruit squeezer; 40 x of each martini & pint glasses; 60 x red outdoor beakers; popcorn maker; doughnut press; coffee machine; 60 coffee cups & saucers;

For details of catering and entertainment options: